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An Overview Of The VOOPOO Pod And Its Benefits

VOOPOO was created to be used in the replacement of conventional communication networks. It offers a number of features that make it a good option for use in small, medium, and large organizations. The VOOPOO phone system was originally developed in Germany and is now being adopted by companies in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. The VOOPOO phone system offers the convenience of an on-demand or a pre-recorded phone system, along with all the functionality needed to connect and work with a regular analog or digital telephone. The VOOPOO system is easy to install and incorporate into existing network configurations. VOOPOO provides various plans to meet users’ needs and fits in with their budgets.


The VOOPOO Zona model is the largest-sized phone presently available in the market. It has the capacity to accommodate up to three hundred and twenty-two keys. A unique advantage of using a VOOPOO phone system is that it does not require any special software for voice activation or voice management. A user can simply plug in a portable communication device with a built-in VOOPOO pod cartridge and start making calls.

The VOOPOO Sona model is a small single handset VOIP phone. It has the standard features of a VOIP capable phone like call waiting, call forwarding, speed dialing, simultaneous ring, call conferencing, voice mail, and the basic in-call and out-of-call features. The Sona model has two models – one with the standard smok RPM40 modem and one with the VOOPOO kit, which includes the Sona and the VOOPOO kernels. The VOOPOO kit has an option to upgrade to the 40w modems. The Sona models also have an option to use aroma therapy with smok cartridges.

An innovative and advanced technology known as AMF Rejector is incorporated in the device. This prevents low-frequency radio waves from damaging the battery. The VOOPOO X Cube is equipped with a self-healing component. This feature ensures that the device does not overheat when a high wattage call comes in. The rechargeable batteries are made of durable, heavy-duty technology that is capable of lasting for up to a year.

The VOOPOO Zona Plus is an upgraded model with a two-way voice mode and the ability to insert a USB wireless microphone. The voice dialing is done with the help of the unique touch feature, which is operated by pressing on a point on the touch-sensitive front panel of the handset. The device has a sixteen-kilohertz radio transmitter along with a sixteen-kilohertz counterulator which acts as a signal booster.

The VOOPOO X kit offers a unique packing system that includes an air pump that reduces the overall weight of the entire unit. It is also dishwasher safe and can be used with any type of standard household vacuum. It has two adjustable airflow control settings that provide easy control of the amount of air mist produced. The system has two high-intensity heat settings that increase the flavor and aroma of the vapor and allow users to enjoy their own customized clouds. It has a patented pumping system that allows users to enjoy the convenience of a quick puff while working efficiently and effectively.

The VOOPOO H2O cartridge is filled with water and charcoal and is designed to emit a fluffy and flavorful mist. The VOOPOO H20 is another handy addition to the handset. It features a dual-firing button that fires the puff and power feed simultaneously. The dual firing button helps in maximizing the efficiency of the device and decreases the time taken in the complete pumping process. The VOOPOO H20 features durable ceramic and silk mesh coils that offer increased resistance against corrosion, abrasion, and heat damage.

For people who want to save time and money, they should consider purchasing the VOOPOO pods because they are made with a patented pumping system that does not require a straw or bag. The VOOPOO pod can be used just like the original product without any complications. These pods can be purchased at an affordable price and are manufactured by any leading electronic goods manufacturer.

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