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The AEGIS Boost Pod Kit – Everything You Need to Know

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If you are looking for a good flavor in your vaporizer then you need to try the GeekVape aegis boost Kit. This is one of the latest products to come from VandyVaper, a leading e liquid manufacturer. It has the same high quality that you find in the original AEGIS vaporizer plus a lot more. Here is a quick overview of what you can expect with this great kit.

The geekvape aegis boost Cartridge is specifically designed for the GeekVape AEGis Boost Kit. It comes with 5.5ML e-liquid capacity and supports G Coil Boost liquid formula for excellent flavor control. There are now two choices for you: empty portable device with two compartments (models & premium), full size tank with three compartments (model only) or a standard sized box with two compartments (standard & premium). The choice will depend on how many people you intend to use the e-liquid, as well as how often you intend to use it.

One of the best features about the AEGIS Boost Pro is that it’s a very small device. It measures a mere 2.75 inches in length and weighs a respectable 15g. To compare it to other compact vaporizers in its class, you should consider the wattage. For instance, the lowest wattage model from VandyVaper called the Vanquisher Vaporizer is only a tiny bit over two inches in height and weighs nearly the same as a matchbox. The GeekVape AEGIS Boost Pro however, is taller by a full inch and a bit heavier, but has a whole separate internal battery with a capacity of nearly four hours of charge.

It’s an amazing how the aegis boost Pro manages to squeeze so much power into such a small package. The vaporizer jackaroo deck has a couple of large air holes located at the bottom which is covered with silicone pads. These air passages are large enough to allow for a good flow of vapor to escape, but small enough that they are nearly invisible when the AEGIS Boost Pro is in use. This feature means that vapers can enjoy clean, constant air flow, with little worry about getting a stale taste from the heating element.

The AEGIS boost comes with a rechargeable vaporizer as well, which doubles as a warming element. This means that your aegis boost will maintain a constant temperature no matter what else is going on around you. Vandy Vapor Jackaroo batteries are designed to hold a charge for approximately two years, and this is plenty of time for you to enjoy your vandy vaporizer. You can also expect to get a lifetime warranty on both the battery and the heater.

One of the best features of the aegis vaporizer is the electronic pod system. This is a unique design where a tiny electronic pod is located between the heating elements, and when these pods are heated they expand and fill the air gaps within the unit. When a person smokes, the electronic pods are designed to absorb extra e-liquid. With aegis, the pod system allows you to have an endless supply of flavorful vapor to draw into your lungs.

Although the aegis boost pro kit is very compact, it does not sacrifice quality. The built in electric ignition makes it easy to ignite your own vapor, and the electronic readouts on the aegis boost screen are clear and easy to read. This kit is also compatible with all the major brands of e-liquid that are sold on the internet, including the famous e-juice. The included sixML bottle is enough to give you a good nicotine dose each time you indulge in your favorite vapes. If you prefer a little less nicotine for your next cigarette, you can simply remove the empty bottle from the AEGIS Boost System, pop the empty into a new USB-C case, and you have a complete, high quality, nicotine alternative that gives you just as much flavor and satisfaction each time you light up.

The AEGIS Boost is an outstanding product that incorporates a very unique technology into a very convenient package. With its sleek design, user-friendly controls, and long battery life you can feel confident that you will never be without one of these machines around your home. Vaping is a great way to enjoy all the benefits and advantages of nicotine without any of the nasty side effects. Vaping improves the flavor of your favorite cigarettes and allows you to finally break free from that nicotine addiction. Take control of your life today, and look no further than the AEGIS Boost Pod Kit.

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