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Mod Your Airsoft Gun With a Dual Battery AEGis With A Pod

aegis boost

The aegis boost Pro vaporizer pen is one of today’s best vaporizers for advanced and first time voters alike. This pen is the latest vaporizer pen to come out from VandyVape. This is a pen that comes with an electronic tank that is designed in a new and innovative manner to deliver powerful vapors. It also has an adjustable airflow control that lets you control the amount of vaporization your unit will undergo. This allows you to make personalized vapor choices to suit your individual needs.

The Aegis Boost Pro Vaporizer is a new vaporizer pen that does not use a coil or ceramic plate. Instead, it utilizes technology that does not require these materials. The results are incredible. The Aegis Boost Pro pen boasts a dual chamber system that is a little bit larger than its predecessors.

The aegis pod is a new and revolutionary part of this entire system. It features a double cooling system that ensures your coils will not overheat. This means that when you place the AEGIS pod into the unit, it will maintain a constant cool temperature so your coils will work correctly. The new dual cooling system is designed to reduce the amount of vapor production.

In addition to the new outer shell, there are many new parts that have been designed to compliment the new design. One such part is the new silicone gasket. This mesh material allows the airflow to completely remain unobstructed. In addition, it allows a cooler feeling on the lips. This is achieved through the use of a gold Velcro band. This band attaches to the outer box and the back of the AEGIS Boost Pro.

Inside the AEGIS Boost Pro, you will find a very useful tool. This handy gadget allows you to open your airflow system. Once you do this, you can then take off the cap and remove the rubber O-ring. Once you do this, you can then remove the rubber band from the back of your device. If you wish, you can then replace the entire cover in the device for a sleeker and finished look.

Next, you will need to attach your AEGis Boost Pro to your electric tank. To do this, you will need to unscrew a couple screws on the bottom of the unit. Once you have done this, you will notice a spot on the tank that has a little hole. You can then fill this hole with your finger to make it easier to screw the cover in.

After doing this, you should then put your AEGis Boost Pod into the hole and turn the power button on. Next, you will notice that a red light glows underneath the unit. This light will start to flash as your coil begins to heat up. If you are satisfied with the results, you can then finish off by attaching your new pod tank to your AEG.

In order to make use of the AEGIS Boost, you must ensure that you change the wattage and the ohm at the end of every single session. If you do not change these settings, your battery may become damaged over time. If you are satisfied with the way things are working now, you should continue to read through the AEGIS Boost User Manual to learn more about this excellent product. You will find that the instructions here will show you how to change out the batteries, install a new pod and get started on a whole new look for your weapon. The instructions even go so far as to tell you where you can buy the replacement coil for your AEG. So if you want to go from a standard single or double AEG to a dual box mod, then make sure to check out AEGIS Boost.

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