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he VooPoo Vaporizer – Top 3 Reasons Why VooPoo Vaporizers Is Popular

An awesome new portable vaporizer has just hit the market. voopoo Vaporizers has taken the market by storm. This device is a unique blend of convenience and advanced technology. The VOOPOO Vaporizer is the latest in all things relating to the portable vaporizer industry.


VOOPOO Vaporizer by VooPoo is a high-tech vaporizer with two tanks, the first tank holds water to be used with your favorite e liquids, while the second tank is the air chamber which is filled with your favorite e liquid. Both the tanks are detachable to maintain the utmost in privacy and cleaning. The vaporizer is completely user friendly with its large display and easy to use controls. Simply put the two trays side-by-side and you are ready to go!

The vaporizer comes complete with two pre-filled vials that come in blue and green flavors. The two vials are larger than the one provided with the original VOOPOO Vaporizer by VooPoo. The vapors produced with the VOOPOO Vaporizer are richer tasting than ever before. The VOOPOO Kits comes with everything you need to begin enjoying your new e liquid beverages, such as a matching carrying case, and a vaporizer bag to keep your equipment fresh at all times.

The two distinctive parts of the VOOPOO Vaporizer include a disposable microwaveable bowl and the stainless steel reusable plate. The stainless steel plate has a heat range to cater to the diverse needs of all vapers. The plate can be replaced with a vapor cartridge plate that offers an extended shelf life for your favorite e liquids. The disposable plate allows you to replace your e juice cartilage multiple times and be able to enjoy delicious tasting beverages all day long.

The vaporizer includes two LED lights with a foot switch to activate the heating element. One of the most distinctive features of the VooPoo Vaporizer is the extremely comfortable glass stand that comes included with the product. The stainless steel body of the Vaporizer is designed to offer a high quality and lasting vapor application. If you prefer to use the concentrate only, then there is a choice of two different battery types. The VooPoo Vaporizer can accommodate two different battery voltage systems, so it is perfectly safe to use the device in conjunction with two batteries of varying voltages.

The built-in battery has an option of a button or a touch feature that activates the heating element. The buttons feature an easy-to-use power control and display. The large illuminated back light displays all information regarding the temperature and vapor quantity. The included quartz fuel cell maintains the proper operating temperature, and the built-in battery will maintain charge even when the power is turned off.

The vaporizer is available in three different colors, namely: Blue, Black, and Stainless Steel. The product comes complete with an instructional user manual, which contains important information regarding its proper cleaning, care and maintenance. The vaporizer comes complete with two replacement bulbs, a glass lens cap and a silicone sleeve. The user manual also provides helpful information regarding the replacement of the batteries, assembling the unit, how to avoid common problems such as the bulb clicking or the battery falling out, and the steps to follow in order to maintain the vaporizer. The user manual also includes important information regarding the two types of bulbs and their specific roles.

The Vaporizers manufactured by VooPoo are very popular due to their unique and convenient designs. The kits come in different designs and colors, each of which contains two Vaporizers. There are also other accessories that you can purchase along with your Vaporizer kit such as replacement screens and chargers.

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