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All About The AEGIS Boost Modular Vaporizer

The AEGIS Boost is a portable electronic device from the company named Vandy Vapor. Like other vapor pen products, it promises to give your e juice a truly impressive vapor production. However, what you might not know is that this product also has a lot of handy features that can allow you to be more productive while you’re at it. It’s a vaporizing tool that you will love using.

aegis boost pod mod

Like other vaporizers before it, the AEGIS Boost lets you read your wattage and match that up with the temperature you’re at. This is done by a neat little graphic on the front. On the side, there is a register that shows your temperature along with a percentage. The AEGIS boosts also has a smart auto shut off feature. It will shut itself off when it reaches a certain charge level and automatically relight when you are ready to use it again.

The AEGIS Boost actually has a lot of useful features that will make using it a pleasure instead of a hassle. First off, the AEGIS vaporizer actually uses a smart electronic door sensor to detect when you are at a perfect room temperature. It then turns on to prepare your vapor without wasting any time. This mod will also shut off when the room temperature becomes uneven, which is a real issue with most vandy vaporizers before they got smarter.

The AEGIS boost has a rechargeable high quality internal battery that should last you quite a while and is extremely durable. It will last you a lot longer than a typical cheap battery like a cell phone battery. I’m sure you have used a really cheap battery at some point in time, and you know how annoying they can be. With this internal rechargeable battery you won’t have to worry about that problem.

The AEGIS boost pro does not use a traditional electrical outlet like a lot of vaporizers do. It instead uses a USB connection. These types of vaporizers typically have a cord that goes from the mod to your computer, so you might not even be able to use this in a hotel room or another location where you don’t have a USB port. If you want to be able to use it wherever you go, you need to have a USB connection, so make sure to buy one. With the internal battery, it should last a very long time and charge multiple times without needing to be recharged.

The AEGIS boost pod mod has a variable wattage that lets you set it up to whatever you need it for. If you are using it simply for aesthetic purposes, you don’t need a wattage that’s higher, but if you plan on using it a lot, you will definitely want a high wattage. You can get a lower wattage version of the aegis boost or if you don’t need as much power.

All the vaporizers from Geekvape have universal voltage adapters that make these vaporizers compatible with all kinds of batteries. Since there are so many different brands and models of vaporizers out there, this shouldn’t be a problem. If you get a vaporizer that won’t work with your particular battery life, it doesn’t matter what brand you get, you can always switch out the vaporizer later. This is a major advantage of the aegis boost pod mod and one you won’t find with any other manufacturer’s products.

The aegis boost has a very solid build quality and a great price tag. This is a mod that can stand up to any amount of abuse your typical user can dish out and will keep your computer or gaming system running smoothly for a long time. The vaporizer in this line has a fan behind the glass that helps draw the air into the chamber when you press down on the button. This ensures that you get a constant stream of hot air instead of a hot mess on your hands from trying to manipulate the hot button.

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