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Vandy Vape Jackaroo Pod System Kit Review

vandy vape jackaroo

The Vandy Vaporizer Jackaroo is a new product from Vandy. They are an amazing new electronic cigarette designed by an inventor that has a background in electrical engineering and product design. The Jackaroo Pod is a high-tech, fully-waterproof, long-range, pocket-size vaporizer with a revolutionary design that’s like the Aegis Boost but with a lot more space. It also comes with a rechargeable battery and variable power output from low to super high.


This product is different because it features a lot more advanced technology than the previous vaporizers by Vandy. I was very excited when I first saw it, since I’ve always wanted a vaporizer that looked like the ones from Vandy. This is one thing they’re able to achieve, as you can tell from the price. It costs under $100. It is so well priced that you’ll be tempted to buy one right away. Keep reading and I’ll tell you why the Vandy Vape Jackaroo is so cool.


One of the major differences between the old model aegis and vandyvape jackaroo is the design of the actual unit. The old model uses a vertical plate that houses the heater, battery, air stone, etc. On the newer models, there is a large flat panel on the bottom that houses the heater and the battery. This panel also has some small side panels that you can open and close to increase air flow.


One of the biggest differences between these two vaporizers is how they are powered. The old model used a glass bead that sits on top of the ceramic heating plates. The new Vaporizer Jackaroo uses an electrical current through a USB connection to power the unit. That makes a big difference in the way the unit heats up, because instead of sitting on the top of the plates, it is actually resting on a circuit board. When the battery is plugged in, the heating coils inside the unit get extremely hot and quickly begin heating the liquid inside the chambers.


The vapor quality of these two different vaporizers is absolutely amazing. The AEGIS mobile style mod has been compared to steam vaporizers and seems to be a great alternative to most vapes. These are usually a lot more expensive due to their high quality, but if you really want something that produces high quality results, then the aegis of jackaroo kit may be your best option. In this kit, you get the base unit, plus a glass bead, an adjustable airflow wheel, 2 extra batteries, an atomizer head, a replacement battery and a wood grinder. There is even an instructional video included with the purchase of the x kit!


While the AEGIS mobile kit only allows for one type of atomizer, the x kit can allow you to use either a NiMh or a Ceramic atomizer. The power boost button allows you to activate a high voltage boost that will blast your coils for maximum performance. This is a great feature, especially if you are looking for a good high power boost for your AEG. If you like to customize your AEG, you can also buy a side pack with a variety of extra pieces and chargers. The Vandy Vaporizer Jackaroo is a great example of a quality AEGIS mod with a nice and simple interface.


The vaporizer in the vandy jackaroo pod kit is not waterproof however, as the instructions state that it is only water resistant up to a certain depth. This means that if you have a lot of outdoor play (or very hot weather) in your area, you should keep this in mind. It’s not meant to be a back up for when the weather gets bad. I would also recommend it only for people who plan on taking their AEGs with them in the field, as there is no way to tell if it’s going to work outside.


The AEGIS Modular X-Pod System Kit comes separately and is sold separately along with the units that come with the Vaporizer Jackaroo. You can also get the entire unit in a single box if you like. It is available in the same quality and performance levels as the unit that comes with the Vaporizer Jackaroo.

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